It's the Little Things

Memories, things & bits that have been making me happy lately.

Thinking of how soon I'll be working at the vineyard again, finding little wonders like dew covered spiderwebs or nests full of robins eggs or birds i never knew existed.

The nights spent writing at my desk lit only by white icicle lights and flickering candles, accompanied by a soundtrack of my purring cat and the scratch of my ink pen running across the page.

Hikes through evergreens and the beams of sunlight that spot the soft floor, making every step a different temperature.

Listening to the music I blasted last summer while dreaming about races down dirt roads on adventures to nowhere in particular.

When dogs I love recognize me from across the street and drag their owners over so they can get a head scratch and check my pocket for treats.

Reading prose or books or poetry that are so beautiful i can feel them in my body and soul as though they've temporarily taken up residence deep within me.

The moment when you’re having an honest conversation with someone and you feel a little less alone in the world.

When I ask Tyler to lie down with me “just for a minute” after a big breakfast but then we end up curling into each other and napping like cats for hours.

The sound of a summer bonfire late at night and the soft voices that surround it.

Looking out my window this morning and seeing water run down the street for the first time in months while the thermometer reads above freezing for the first time in what feels like forever. 

Believing that Summer's intoxicating touch may finally be on its way.

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